Seven Songs

a3432534746_16Seven Songs is an album written and recorded between 2012 and 2015, largely in borrowed space, with borrowed instruments. It is intended to be a snapshot of my abilities as a writer, arranger, player, engineer, etc. As such I determined to do everything I possibly could myself, borrowing talent from a few friends (Susan Davita Mandel, Margo Seibert, Allison Seidner, Jahn Sood, and Joel Waggoner) only when my desires far outreached my skills. No autotune was employed.

The album is available digitally at the following outlets:

Only Bandcamp allows me to distribute liner notes with the album, so if you want them, here they are!


Limited edition package (SOLD OUT):

  1. The songs and digital booklet, on a USB flash drive in WAV and 256K mp3 formats.
  2. Liner notes typed on a 1960s Hermes Rocket typewriter.
  3. Cover art hand-painted by Jenny Yaddaw.
  4. My signature, if you desire it.