The Chart Life is a video series dedicated to the practice of music preparation, and most specifically music copy. As a long-time copyist and transcriptionist for composers, orchestrators, authors, artists, and educators, I’ve learned well the conventions of both traditional and contemporary styles of music preparation. My experience as a performer has further deepened my understanding of the specific elements of sheet music that make it efficient, effective, and attractive.

Music copy must be approached as a designer would approach a print ad. Having all the correct information on the page is not enough for sheet music to be truly effective. The elements must be visually designed in a way that leads the player’s eye to the right places at the right time, therefore allowing the information to be absorbed effortlessly and accurately.

The Chart Life is a venture intended to share the knowledge that I’ve gleaned as a professional in the field. It is by no means a fully realized course in music preparation, but will hopefully inspire you to pay attention to details and design, with the understanding that the better the parts you give your musicians are, the better (and quicker) the results that come back at you will be.

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